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This is the basic version of sinaing na tulingan. It is a staple dish in Batangas due to the availability of fresh tulingan in the markets. As a kid visiting my cousins in Batangas, we would eat this dish with rice sopped in kapeng barako and a dipping sauce made from tamarind vinegar.

Tulingan is a small to medium sized fish from the tuna family. You can also substitute sliced tuna (or  Tambakol) in this recipe. Since this is a simple recipe, the freshness of the ingredients are critical. Good sinaing na tulingan when cooked right will not fall apart when served.


1 kg medium to small sized tulingan
1/2 cup dried kamias or 1 1/2 cup sliced fresh kamias
1 cup water
3 tbsp sea salt

I prefer to use clay pots for sinaing na tulingan. We have a traditional palayok and a modern earthenware pot. A regular metalware cooking pot will also do the job, but I find it easier to do slow cooking in clay pots. If you don't have a clay pot, use the thickest pot you have.

Sinaing na tulingan uses a lot of salt, and the juices left after reduction of the broth is aptly called "patis". This goes well with rice and chopped tomatoes.

Procedure :

1. Clean the fish, remove gills and guts then chop off tail.

3. In a pot, place kamias then the tulingan. Arrange it in a layer so that the kamias is on the bottom of the pot

4.Pour 1 cup water and then top with salt. (put an additional 1/2 cup of water if you are using dried kamias )

5. Let this simmer for 1 hour at least on the lowest possible flame. Do not allow it to boil over.  You may turn the stove off once the broth is reduced to around 1/4 of its volume.

If you are cooking larger batches, it is recommended that you put banana leaves between layers of fish so that they won't stick together.

Fried pork fat is an optional ingredient. You can add this at the start. The pork fat adds flavor to the dish. If you were lucky enough to purchase fat tulingan (depending on the season), then you will notice the patis will be oilier and more flavorful. 

Sinaing na tulingan is a dish that's tastier the day after it's cooked. Store it in a glass jar, porcelain bowl or the clay pot itself. Never use plastic containers as the fish taste will stick to the plastic.

I hope you enjoy cooking this recipe. It is one of the simplest and tastiest pinoy dishes and has been elevated to the status of comfort food for a lot of home sick pinoys.

Until next time!

2/10/2012 02:17:14 am

Nice cooking! I live in Ilocos but I cook this recipe frequently. I learned it from my hipag in Paranaque. What I do is add some luya too apart from all those you mentioned. I arrange them properly then pressure-cook it for at least an hour, open the cooker then boil it some more until the sauce is just enough to "moisturize" the fish. You will see richer, tastier sauce and no more fish bones. You eat everything :D

2/25/2012 08:26:19 pm

I am Batanguena. We simmer the tulingan in a palayok over a charcoal fire until the water is completely dry. That way it keeps longer in the fridge or freezer, although this dish never really lasts long because it is a favorite in our family. It becomes even more delicious when fried, and that's also why we simmer it until dry. Best when served with atchara (chutney or sweet pickled papaya)

4/22/2012 09:09:58 am

This is my favorite! But I don't know how to cook it.. I love eating it in many ways! With tomatoes, salted egg, green or ripe mangoes, with vinegar made frm coconut.. Don't know how it's exactly called..i always ask my mom to cook sinaing or have it as pasalubong since she stays in batangas and me in cainta. Best food ever!

6/24/2012 09:38:56 am

I'm here in Saudi Arabia, there is no available camias here, what is the best substitute?

6/24/2012 03:06:13 pm

Interesting question. Some would use Tamarind mix as a substitute. I would try that and maybe a few unripe tomatoes. Good luck!

5/12/2014 05:55:05 pm

If kamias is not available, you can use vinegar. No need to add water. Cook until almst dry. I drizzle mine with a little vegetable oil a few minutes before removing ferom the stove.

2/17/2013 07:07:39 pm

You can use sampalok or mangga.. :)

7/9/2012 01:36:29 pm

Great info, thank you.

3/25/2013 12:10:30 am

i already tried to used dried kamias but the soup always turns bitter, why?

3/25/2013 03:14:59 am

maybe you got old stock. the dried kamias shouldn't be too dark colored. we make our own dried kamias and use them when their dry but light brown in color.

Kit Montenegro
4/8/2013 03:10:42 am

Fred. Kulang sangkap mo.. Needs 1 more thing. Text mo ko. :-) Let's catch up soon. Dalanka ulit vodka. :-D

4/12/2013 10:29:42 am

LOL ano kulang? kanin or bahaw? :D sige get together sana ulit this year.

sheila espinoda
4/17/2016 12:18:56 pm

You can make use of fresh tamarind or tamarind mix


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