I decided to clean up my lair today and I found this empty box of Pastel. It was given to me about a month ago. Pastel is a yema filled pastry whose texture is similar to ensaymada. A very light and fluffy bun with a solid burst of yema inside. I enjoy it with plain black coffee.  If you're traveling south of the country, try to pick some up. They are also available in some native specialty stores.

02/19/2010 7:22pm

VJ-and-EP Pastel buns are also available at Rustans Supermarkets (i.e. Katipunan Avenue branch).

02/19/2010 9:47pm

thanks for the info.

03/26/2010 7:55am

i regret not going to Camiguin. Was at the airport in CDO about to board, then my sister had to return to MNL. Hope to go soon.

ka fredo
03/31/2010 3:00am

I have never gone to camiguin yet, saving it for a special occasion.


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