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I was craving for something cold to snack on when I remembered I still haven't used the creamed corn I bought last week. I decided to make some Mais con yelo. It's easy to prepare and  perfect for this hot summer day.
I had my first taste of chicken feet at a street barbecue stand. Adidas, along with betamax and isaw are common menu items at these streetside stands.  It was an interesting experience, the meat was good if you were patient enough to pick out the bones (some people actually eat the smaller bones). It was sort of like eating bony bangus, you had to stop once in a while to pick out the tiny slivers of bone.

Then I discovered chicken feet dimsum, and I immediately preferred this way of cooking chicken feet. The bones and the meat separated more easily compared to grilled adidas. You still have to deal with the tiny bones though  but more of the tasty bits are liberated from the bone.
Beef bone marrow is a classic pinoy favorite. We usually enjoy it when we have bulalo soup.

I was lucky enough to find some sliced beef shanks in the supermarket that had these big pieces of bone. I sliced the meat off the bone and set it aside. I did not add it in with the meat because the marrow would have disintegrated in the pressure cooker. I put the marrow in the pot once the meat had softened up.  After  a few minutes in the boiling broth, I took them out and drizzled some olive oil and salt. They turned out quite well, especially when mixed with rice.

A word of advise though; no matter how good a bowl of steaming hot bulalo can be, we must remember It's a health risk for people with high blood pressure. Eaten in moderation, it is a rare treat.

Beef marrow recipes online usually have the marrow fried like a steak over a hot pan. I'll try that method next time I get my hands on some beef shanks.
I ordered a kilo of crabs from my fiancee's sister and they arrived last night. I have not eaten in a dampa restaurant for a while and I missed the buttered shrimp and crabs. When I was asked if I wanted to order some crabs, I immediately asked for a kilo to be set aside for me.

Crabs are classified into two general types :Sea crabs which are called alimasag and Mud crabs which are called alimango. Alimango  are usually found in river deltas, nipa palm groves and mangrove swamps. The crabs that I bought came from a fishpond in the Visayas. They were wrapped in a small plastic bag and had their claws tied up for safety. These crabs were alive and feisty. I tapped them each on their backs and they reacted quickly. I'd probably have a very nasty wound if their claws weren't tied up.

Purchase only live crabs. Try to poke them to check if they how fast they react. The livelier the crab the better. Be careful when handling live crab, they have sharp claws and they are strong enough to puncture skin.
This is one of my favorite sinigang versions. It's easy to cook and goes well by itself or with any fried or roasted dishes.
You can use other salmon parts, but the belly has the most fat and produces very tasty broth. It's also cheaper. Make sure you buy the frozen ones as those that are on display have usually been soaked in water and its flavor leached out.
I just finished my Comped2 assignment last night. We were required to setup a website using html and css from scratch. I think it turned out quite nicely and I am sharing it here. It was a great learning experience building the site. I feel a bit more comfortable with css now, but there is still much more to learn.

The pictures are from a trip to Anawangin Cove with my old team last 2008. I'd love to hike back there again.. Maybe I will, soon.

Here is the link to the site :

I took out my old mechanical ice shaver from storage. I'm going to make some Halo Halo this weekend. I bought it for 2,500 pesos at shop in Divisoria in 2004. I used it for a small Halo halo stand I put up in the old BF Ruins night market. It's a rugged piece of machinery. It just needs a bit of cleaning up with hot water and soap, then some wd40 on the gears. I will post the results after the cleanup.


1/2 kg Chicken Liver
1 cup unsalted Butter (not margarine or butter spread)
1 cup finely chopped white onion
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp ground black pepper
1/2 cup fresh milk
1/2 cup chopped hard boiled eggs (about 2 - 3 pcs )